[45][46] The reign of Francis II saw many improvements to a city in dire need of repair after the wars of succession and a series of storms and fires between 1387 and 1415. un renouvellement mensuel des voies. The Passage Pommeraye appears briefly in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. French-language songs include "Nantes" by Barbara (1964) and "Nantes" by Renan Luce (2009). [50], Coastal navigation and the export of locally produced goods (salt, wine and fabrics) dominated the local economy around 1600. Ratiatum, founded under Augustus, developed more quickly than Nantes and was a major port in the region. Nantes is on the Way of the Estuaries, a network of motorways connecting northern France and the Spanish border in the south-west while bypassing Paris. Nantes' flag is derived from the naval jack flown by Breton vessels before the French Revolution. This was lower than in nearby Rennes (64,000), and Nantes is the ninth-largest commune in France in its percentage of students. Reliable and affordable class management software for dance, gymnastics, martial art, tennis club, etc. [23] The city is commonly known as la Cité des Ducs "the City of the Dukes [of Brittany]" for its castle and former role as a ducal residence. 44036-Nantes . After the union of Brittany and France, the burghers petitioned the French king to give them a city council which would enhance their freedom; their request was granted by Francis II in 1559. [19] Nantes' name continued to evolve, becoming Nanetiæ and Namnetis during the fifth century and Nantes after the sixth, via syncope (suppression of the middle syllable). The other 290 inserts name ports in Africa, the Americas, and the area around the Indian Ocean. Although local restaurants tend to serve simple dishes made with fresh local products, exotic trends have influenced many chefs in recent years. [157] The poorest council estates had unemployment rates of 22 to 47 percent. Nantes (/ n ɒ̃ t /, also US: / n ɑː n t (s)/, French: (); Gallo: Naunnt or Nantt; Breton: Naoned) is a city in Loire-Atlantique on the Loire, 50 km (31 mi) from the Atlantic coast.The city is the sixth-largest in France, with a population of 309,346 in Nantes and a metropolitan area of nearly 973,000 inhabitants (2017). [69] Reacting to the growth of the rival port, Nantes built a 15 kilometres (9.3 miles)-long canal parallel to the Loire to remain accessible to large ships. [79], Nantes has been noted in recent years for its climate of social unrest, marked by frequent and often violent clashes between protesters and police. [185] The Atlanpole technopole, in northern Nantes on its border with Carquefou, intends to develop technological and science sectors throughout the Pays de la Loire. Although many of the walls were destroyed in the 18th century, some segments (such as Porte Saint-Pierre, built in 1478) survived. PASS France Tarif Jeune : 453€ → 300€ [205], The Dobrée Museum, closed for repairs as of 2017[update], houses the département's archaeological and decorative-arts collections. [99] The city's lowest points, along the Loire, are 2 metres (6 feet 7 inches) above sea level. [28] After an attack by German tribes in 275, Nantes' inhabitants built a wall; this defense also became common in surrounding Gaulish towns. [118] Nantes has three ecodistricts (one on the Isle of Nantes, one near the train station and the third in the north-east of the city), which aim to provide affordable, ecological housing and counter urban sprawl by redeveloping neglected areas of the city.[119]. [190], Nantes has a few structures dating to antiquity and the early Middle Ages. Redirection en cours. Merci, votre commentaire nous a bien été transmis ! [220] They left several permanent works of art in Nantes and inspired the Voyage à Nantes, a series of contemporary-art exhibitions across the city which has been held every summer since 2012. As a large port whose outskirts encompassed other provinces, Nantes has been Brittany's economic capital and a cultural crossroads. [263] The city is also home to Télénantes, a local, private television channel founded in 2004. The black and white crosses are historic symbols of Brittany and France, respectively. [196] The Counter-Reformation inspired two baroque churches: the 1655 Oratory Chapel and Sainte-Croix Church, rebuilt in 1670. Nantes never fully recovered its 18th-century wealth; the port handled 43,242 tons of goods in 1807, down from 237,716 tons in 1790. Please publish modules in offcanvas position. The original coat of arms was readopted in 1816, and the Liberation Cross and the 1939–45 War Cross were added in 1948. The coronet was replaced by a mural crown during the 18th century, and during the revolution a new emblem with a statue of Liberty replaced the coat of arms. N'hésitez pas à contacter votre salle d'escalade pour plus de renseignements... Votre salle d’escalade Block’Out Nantes peut encore vous accueillir sur nos blocs et dans la salle de musculation ! Restaurant universitaire Lyon Sud Mandat. Large thoroughfares replaced the channels, altering the urban landscape. These two rivers initially provided natural links with the hinterland. [114], After World War II, several housing projects were built to accommodate Nantes' growing population. [244], Six teams in Nantes play at a high national or international level. 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The main Protestant church belongs to the United Protestant Church of France, but the city also has a number of newer Evangelical and Baptist churches. Its construction was however strongly opposed, primarily by green and anti-capitalist activists. [88] The river's bed and banks have changed considerably over a period of centuries. Places publiques is dedicated to urbanism in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire; Brief focuses on public communication; Le Journal des Entreprises targets managers; Nouvel Ouest is for decision-makers in western France, and Idîle provides information on the local creative industry. [141], Nantes has made nine international sister-city arrangements since 1964. [233] Turner also made two sketches of the city, which are in collections at Tate Britain. [249], Nantes Atlantique Airport in Bouguenais, 8 kilometres (5.0 miles) south-east of the city centre, serves about 80 destinations in Europe (primarily in France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Greece) and connects airports in Africa, the Caribbean and Canada. Redirection vers la page d'accueil. [225] The Three Continents Festival is an annual film festival dedicated to Asia, Africa and South America, with a Mongolfière d'or (Golden Hot-air Balloon) awarded to the best film. It has more than 1.6 million zoological specimens and several thousand mineral samples. Neoclassical squares and public buildings were constructed, and wealthy merchants built sumptuous hôtels particuliers. Lorsque vous le recevrez, vous pourrez choisir un nouveau mot de passe. Single-person households are 51.9 percent of the total, and 16.8 percent of households are families with children. [226], A path along the Loire river banks, between the Anne-de-Bretagne Bridge and the Victor-Schoelcher footbridge begins the Nantes slavery memorial. Paris 6, avenue Gourgaud 75017 Paris. Audencia, a private management school, is ranked as one of the world's best by the Financial Times and The Economist. [78] The 1970s and 1980s were primarily a period of economic stagnation for Nantes. One of the world's first horsebus transit systems was developed in the city in 1826. Spanish, Portuguese and Italian communities were mentioned during the 16th century, and an Irish Jacobite community appeared a century later. Veuillez saisir l'adresse e-mail associée à votre compte d'utilisateur. Notre bar saura étancher votre soif avec de bonnes bières ou des smoothies maison. [240][241] The city has five engineering schools: Oniris (veterinary medicine and food safety), École centrale de Nantes (mechanical and civil engineering), Polytech Nantes (digital technology and civil engineering), École des mines de Nantes (nuclear technology, safety and energy) and ICAM (research and logistics). [219], Estuaire contemporary-art exhibitions were held along the Loire estuary in 2007, 2009 and 2012. [86] Nantes and Bordeaux share positions at the mouth of an estuary, and Nantes is on the Loire estuary. Proche de Nantes. Rivals in the area included the Pictones, who controlled the area south of the Loire in the city of Ratiatum (present-day Rezé) until the end of the second century AD. [164] Although Nantes is where Protestantism was permitted in France through its edict, Protestants have always formed a small minority. [49] At the end of the French Wars of Religion, the Edict of Nantes (legalising Protestantism in France) was signed in the town. For the place in Brazil, see, sfn error: no target: CITEREFGawc_-_World (. [158] Population growth continued through the 19th century; although other European cities experienced increased growth due to industrialisation, in Nantes growth remained at its 18th-century pace. Veuillez saisir l'adresse e-mail associée à votre compte d'utilisateur. Nos profils sont tous aussi variés les uns que les autres, avec un super espace entrainement pour les plus mutants d’entre vous ! Under Ayrault's administration, Nantes used its quality of life to attract service firms. Further development is also planned on the north bank along an axis linking the train station and the Loire. The climate in Nantes is suitable for growing a variety of plants, from temperate vegetables to exotic trees and flowers imported during the colonial era. [71], When the land reclamation was almost complete, Nantes was shaken by the air raids of the Second World War. 27 Boulevard Bâtonnier Cholet 44100 NANTES Nous trouver ! [127], Before the revolution, Nantes' motto was "Oculi omnium in te sperant, Domine" ("The eyes of all wait upon thee, O Lord", a line from a grace). Nantes : Ces horaires de prière sont valables pour la ville de Nantes et ses environs. It is primarily a student neighbourhood, with many bars and small shops. South of Nantes, the road corresponds to the A83 motorway; north of the city (towards Rennes) it is the RN137, a free highway.